що одягнути в казино

What to wear in the casino?.. Dress code

What to wear in a casino?.. The atmosphere in the casinos of Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and Macau has always been filled with luxury, glamor and sophisticated clothes, but later the dress code began to soften, and especially with the advent of the pandemic, there was nowhere to change clothes. . but all games have become online.

The comfortable lifestyle of the home began to influence all industries, including the gaming industry. At home, this is normal: you can, for example, sit in your underwear, play poker, roulette, Book of Ra or bet on sports and not worry about spilled wine stains on your white shirt if you want to step out of your comfort zone again. Are you going to an offline casino? Again, think about what bag will go with your new evening dress or what cufflinks will go with your next shirt… obviously not. Consequently, casinos all over the world began to relax the dress code. In this article, we’ll look at what makes sense these days and what still doesn’t.

Dress codes for women have long forced women to buy fancy new clothes and high heels to go to the casino. Although in Estonia (and in the Baltic countries in general) there is apparently no dress code in casinos – you can even come in jeans and a T-shirt – in other countries you have to be a little more careful. Your appearance.

If you don’t want to wear it on the red carpet, there are win-win trade-offs: we combine elegance with comfort. A casual maxi dress or pencil skirt is ideal, and in the summer, a floral print dress and low-heeled sandals. Shoes with flat soles are also suitable – they can be pumps, ballet flats or boots, but not sneakers or sports shoes.

If you want to look like a Hollywood virgin, a cocktail dress in a classic color is always suitable: black, burgundy or dark blue. Let’s say “gold” or “silver”, but not too bright. Add some matching jewelry to complete the look.

The dress code for casino girls usually follows the principles of elegance and style. Here are some recommendations that can help you choose the right outfit:

Cocktail Dresses: Cocktail dresses or more formal style dresses work well for a night out at the casino.

Blouses and Blazers: Pairing a blouse with trousers or a skirt and adding a blazer can create an elegant and tailored look.

Stylish pantsuits with neat lines can be a great choice.

Knee-length skirts and dresses: Avoid dresses that are too short. Skirts and dresses that reach the knee or below are often considered more appropriate for casinos.

Footwear: Choose closed-toe shoes such as pumps or ankle boots. Avoid sports shoes.

Accessories: Add the finishing touches with stylish accessories like earrings, bracelets or a bag.

Make-up and hair: Take care of your appearance by choosing well-groomed make-up and hair.

Avoid casual clothes: Avoid clothes that are too casual, such as t-shirts, ripped jeans and sportswear.

Men’s dress codes or overly “casual” clothing are still inappropriate in casinos, but you don’t even have to act like James Bond Smart, and casual clothing is acceptable in most casinos these days.

Jeans can also be worn straight for comfort. Oxford shoes and a polo shirt or shirt will help you look casual but presentable. If you frequent more expensive establishments (or want to dress up a little more for a special night out), you can simply throw on a bright button-down shirt and dark trousers, and pair with smart oxfords to complete the look. tie or semi-formal. It can also be complemented with a fitted jacket. And the last tip: don’t be afraid to contrast the color of the shirt and pants.

In 2021, the rejection of contrasting colors and bold tones is a thing of the past, so feel free to express your individuality and be creative.

The dress code in the casino may vary depending on the level of the casino and its policy. However, in most cases, casinos have certain dress standards to maintain an atmosphere of elegance and style. Here are some general guidelines for men when choosing what to wear to a casino:

Stick to classic wardrobe staples like jackets, collared shirts, trousers or more formal jeans.

Sportswear, T-shirts, shorts and sneakers are generally not allowed. However, in some casinos it is allowed to wear high-quality sneakers, if they are combined with elegant clothes.

Choose closed-toe shoes such as shoes or boots. Sandals and flip flops will probably be inappropriate.

Take care of your appearance, maintain a neat hairstyle and clean appearance.

You can add style with matching accessories such as a watch, tie or cuff.

While smart casual may be acceptable in some casinos, avoid being too casual and choose a style that matches the level of elegance of the establishment.

It is important to check the dress code requirements on the official website of the casino you are going to visit as they may vary. Some casinos may have strict rules, especially in the evening.