цікаві факти про казино

Interesting facts about casinos

In the world of casino and gambling entertainment, there are many amazing and exciting moments that make the casino a unique place. From historical aspects to unusual statistics, the world of gambling is full of amazing facts that can interest and surprise even the most experienced gamblers. Let’s embark on an exciting journey through the exciting aspects of casinos to uncover the secrets behind their twinkling lights and thrilling atmosphere of excitement. In this article, we will look at unusual cases of luck, amazing records, interesting facts about the history of casinos and much more. Get ready for a mind-blowing immersion in the exciting world of gambling, where every card, spinning reel or roll of the dice carries an amazing story behind it:

1. Cards were depicted on the reels of the first games, but due to the government’s war on gambling, they were replaced by fruit symbols.

2. The first slot machine was in the form of a mechanical block with a handle and served as a principle in which the machine was carved from an antique ore drum and equipped with an axle and a stereo system.

3. They try to cover the floors of the playing area with bright, attractive patterns that raise the mood and tone of the visitors.

4. Prestigious establishments scent the air in the room with unobtrusive aromas that make players associate games in these casinos with a pleasant aroma, which increases the desire to play.

5. Casino halls often have a labyrinth structure. This is done so that the customer who decides to leave the game will be influenced by other gambling games and succumb to temptation.

6. The administration of the gambling club constantly gives valuable gifts to regular visitors who manage to win big. In this way, they maintain interest in sports and increase the reputation of the organization.

7. French fries come in different colors and names, but they all have a thin white border. This is done for the convenience of the dealer, so that it is easy to find a chip on the game table.

8. In gambling establishments, the windows are covered with film or hung with heavy curtains, there are no clocks in the halls. This gives the player an idea of ​​how much time they have spent in the casino and allows them to focus on the game.

9. In the Guinness Book of Records, a player named Larry Holmstead has a case of sitting at the game table for 90 hours.

10. Poker Stars holds the record for hosting the largest poker tournament. The event was attended by 225,000 people, and 225,000 people registered to participate.

11. Images of kings on playing cards have real historical prototypes: worms – Charlemagne, clubs – Alexander the Great, trumps – Julius Caesar, spades – King David.

12. The maps show 52 weeks and 4 seasons per year. If you add up the values ​​of all the cards in the deck and add up tricks, you get 365 – the number of days in a year.

13. The display of playing cards, to which all modern players are accustomed, originated in Italy in the Middle Ages. Before that, maps of different countries differed significantly in design.

14. Until the 16th century, card games were available only to the highest classes of European society. The law prohibited ordinary people from playing cards and winning money.

15. In 1480, 4 suits of leading cards were created in France. Each of them represented a certain class. Worms – Spiritual and Ecclesiastical, Spades – Noble, Diamonds – Trading and Clubs – Common or Cross.

16. The sum of the numbers in roulette is 666, which led to repeated attempts by the Church to ban this particular type of gambling. However, it was revived, most often even in churches.

17. Roulette The roulette system was invented by the brilliant scientist Blaise Pascal.

18. In China, gambling was born thanks to dominoes. The game spread throughout the country and often had high stakes.

19. The state of Nevada (USA), where the famous Las Vegas is located, allowed gambling in 1931 only to replenish the budget.

20. Foxwood Resort in Nevada, USA – the largest casino in the world. It is located on the territory of an Indian reserve in the midst of picturesque nature.

21. Thanks to the Reagan Act, Indians living on reservations in the United States are completely exempt from taxes. This turned gambling into their “national” profession.

22. Albert Einstein once said that the probability of winning at roulette does not depend on the player’s system. This is a simple coincidence that may or may not happen.

23. Einstein is credited with the most effective roulette strategy. According to him, the surest way to make money in roulette is to wait for the dealer to return and walk away with the chips.

24. Martingale is considered the most popular game system among various gambling games. This method applies in one form or another to any casino game.

25. Costs in a Las Vegas restaurant are calculated to the nearest 0.005 millimeter. This ensures full equality of chances of obtaining each of the 6 results.

26. The highest gaming facility in the world is StratSphere Las Vegas, located in the state of Nevada (USA). The casino was built in 1996 and is located at an altitude of 350 meters.

27. European and American hotels do not have rooms with the number 666 due to the superstitions of players, so some apartments have the number 777 on the door.

28. The number 4 is considered unlucky in China. So, casinos and hotels do not have 4 floors and 4, 44, etc. rooms.

29. Singing of Psalms 1 to 36 during church services is prohibited in the Principality of Monaco. Previously, players, hearing the first words of the famous song, rushed to the nearest casino to bet on their numbers.

30. Playing in a casino is an excuse to make sandwiches. Sir John Montague was such an avid gambler that he ordered his food from the gambling table. For convenience, the player asked to wrap the food on a piece of bread.

31. Charles de Ville Wells is considered the luckiest roulette player. In 1891, he won the biggest jackpot in the Casino of Monaco. He did it not once, but six times in a row.

32. Many casinos in Hong Kong have decided to issue certificates to players that confirm that their winnings belong to the casino and are tax-free. This innovation immediately attracted the attention of mafia structures, which began to spend money in this way.

33. Poker is one of the most difficult gambling games on the planet. A deck can contain up to 2598960 different combinations of 52 cards.

34. British actor Sean Connery, who once played the role of James Bond, won the role of a screen special agent. In 1963, he won three times in a row at Casino San Vicente. At the same time, the actor bet three times on the same number: 17.

35. Many famous works of literary classics were written under the influence of casino games. Once L.M. He was distinguished by his passion for gambling. Tolstoy, F.M. Dostoevsky, M.V. Gogol and many other classics of Russian and foreign literature.

36. There is a monument to Dostoevsky in the park of the German city of Kurhaus. Therefore, one of the oldest local casinos made a significant contribution to the development of its creation.

37. Gambling establishments have long been banned in North Korea for ideological reasons. However, many casinos are operating now, because they bring huge profits to the budget.

38. According to international research centers, Australians are the most adventurous people on the planet. The country has the highest percentage of athletes in the total population.

39. The most common game in the world is the lottery. Social studies have shown that more than half of the world’s population has participated in some form of lottery.

40. The famous Roman emperor Nero was so passionate that he didn’t let the fire of Rome stop him from playing.

41. King Henry VIII of Great Britain is considered the biggest loser in this game. On one occasion he lost so much at dice that he had to call his opponents from St. Paul’s Cathedral as collateral.

42. Casino Monte Carlo protects its residents from gambling addiction. Local residents are strictly prohibited from playing in local casinos.

43. Egypt is the birthplace of gambling. The first signs of gambling houses appeared in the lower Nile about 4000 years ago.

44. In the 18th century, British underground casinos hired special workers whose duties included throwing dice during raids.

45. The trade profession originated in Great Britain in the 18th century. His very name stood behind the starting player and helped him during the game.

46. ​​Blackjack is the most beautiful game in the casino. The player can reduce the advantage of the home team over the visiting team to at least 0.17%.

47. Japanese law prohibits gambling money. But this stops the development of the gaming industry. Local slot machines win in the form of candy, cigarettes, souvenirs and more.

48. A casino chip costs between $1 and $1.50.

49. Napoleon Bonaparte spent a lot of time in exile playing blackjack on the island of Elba.

50. 37 US President Richard Nixon owes his successful political career to the game of poker. During his time in the Navy, he often gambled with his fellow soldiers and won over $6,000. He invested this money in his first political campaign.